It's time to turn back time. It is time for reconnection, it is time to quiet the mind, it is time for mindfulness. And this time must always exist. In the old days there were not so many names, so many definitions, but we certainly had many more moments of mindfulness provided by our own way of life. Nowadays we need to stop, breathe and find peace.

And so I TATA, I bring a whole cycle only WHITE. It's a call to peace! "There are those who pass into the forest and see only firewood for their fire." Leon Tolstoy. Let us not be so!

I want women who wear TATA to vibrate connected with the energy of the Light and so when using a white part of my Work to White cycle, I want us to remember that we need to reconnect. Reconnect with our souls and our virtues of love, compassion and justice and tell me if those will not be the days when they will BE FUN!

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