Cycles are moments of renewal, but without losing the essence.

As my clothes are not only clothes but symbols of connection of appearance with essence, I can not think of anything that is transitory. That's why I did not think of collections, I thought of cycles. Cycles are rather moments of renewal, but they do not lose their essence. Like the seasons of nature that show us the opportunity to connect with the teachings of each of them, but that are repeated every year so that we know that life is rhythm, that is, constancy and perseverance, and like so will the cycles of Tata Melgaço, which will bring some learning in its next edition, something that was lived, experienced, but will not lose the base from which it was built.

Cycle is a word originating in the Greek term kýklos, which means a series of cyclical phenomena, that is, that are constantly renewed. We are governed by cycles. Cycles of days, months, years, the moon, sidereal cycle...


I am an evolving being, highly impacted by the beautiful things in life.


Among them are nature, art, architecture, music, philosophy. My soul is imperfect and found acceptance in the wabi sabi philosophy, where we can accept our imperfection and the marks of time. I accept and evolve with the marks in life, in the soul, in the appearance and in the objects. Wabi means “simple and fresh things” and Sabi means “things whose beauty has been acquired with age.” Philosophy goes against perfection, symmetry, and teaches us to go beyond the superficial area in this sense, beauty is "imperfect, impermanent and incomplete" Wabi-sabi represents an aesthetic vision centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. This appreciation of dispossession is represented today by an aesthetic that values ​​the rustic, the imperfect, the monochromatic and the natural. What is at stake is the process, not the final product. This concept is closely linked to slow made, which seeks to slow down and focus on what is usually left out.  

The form

Most of the pieces in my Wabi Sabi cycle are asymmetrical, so I plug into the imperfection and see a lot, a lot of beauty there!



The material chosen was linen, which is: noble, natural and eternal. Noble in the sense of the nobility of a being of pure soul, endowed with values, virtues and wisdom ....And the marks? Yes, the linen has a lot of marks... And what about the eternity? I want Tata's marks to be etched into the heart of whoever wears them. I greatly desire that the clothes carry the women's subtle and invisible thoughts in those delicious moments in which they used them and I very much appreciate that this piece is part of this woman's trajectory and I know that every time she uses it again she will be flooded with the magical energy that is printed there. Most of my garments have tails, tails that will allow a metamorphosis of soul, where women will become whatever they want! Something that allows us to fly. They can be birds, they can be butterflies and all this will happen in a process of looking inside, looking at oneself and seeing in oneself the beauty that can only come from within.


"The soul is a butterfly... there is an instant when a voice tells us that the time for a great metamorphosis has come..."

Rubem Alves


I want the beauty of the woman, from the self-knowledge that begins when we are born, supplant the beauty of the garment, and here is the reason for so much simplicity in the clothes of this Wabi Sabi cycle



Yes they are people and not machines, they were themselves and were many and they were all special in this project of the Wabi Sabi Cycle. If it were not for the participation of each one of them, the Cycle would not exist. And respect for the time and authenticity of each was also preserved as something of great value.



Material abundantly used here in this CYCLE.