My clothes, my truth...

There is only truth if something exists within me. My inspiration comes from my soul, comes from my story, a story that was fed by the generosity of the land where I was born: Brazil, and right here at the CENTRAL region. Brazil’s Center. Center that connects me and brings me back to my roots, roots that have made me, from where my soul carries an enormous gratitude for all that has received and from where I connect with simplicity. The simplicity of my land, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, the cake in my mother's house, the music of my father in the hammock, the eyes full of life, the health and happiness of my daughters, the nobility of my husband's actions, the delight of my home, the wonder of having siblings, the music on the phonograph, the diving in the river Araguaia, the elegance and sweetness of my mother, the smell of my grandmother, the feeling of battle won, shared struggle, living in other cultures, the smile of the boy without teeth, the smell of wet earth, the leap in the swimming pool, indigenous art, clay sculptures, gourds, earthenware pots, linen towel, friendships complicity, prose of the sertanejo music, the starry nights, finally, of my origins .....


Yes, I do have a dream. I have a dream of being able to do something, to be able to reciprocate somehow a thousandth of what I received. My soul did not rest, my body did not tire of giving me warnings that I needed to accomplish something I would be proud of within and after my existence, something I loved so intensely that it overflowed. Yes, I had to bring something, even if it was a tiny crack, where LIGHT could enter and thus was born Tata Melgaço. It was born of the desire for a transformation of mentality. 

These are not clothes, these are connections. They are not the exterior, they are the interior. They are not matter, they are symbols. It is not fashion, it is art. It is not luxury, it is simplicity. It is not vanity, it is modesty. It is not presumption, it is naturalism.


And YES, TATA clothes have all of it. They assumed their material form so that I could convey my most genuine desire: that women be STRONG, FREE and WISE! And it's true that there are things that can not be said, just felt. That is why I will spend what I have of most precious in my being to be such, so that every woman who receives it in their hands FEEL the energy of the most precious material with which they were made: LOVE. 



These are our values.


If there is no power, there is no fight. If there is no fight, there are no winners or losers. There are only spectators. I want women to be at the center of their own story and to be who they want to be, as long as they are true, from the heart.


Why do we not receive wings from the gods? I believe it goes like this because our freedom goes beyond wings. Our true freedom lies in being free from selfishness, envy, and unworthy feelings! Ahhh women, we are much more than that! We are DIVINE beings and like so we can raise our biggest flights. NOTHING can prevent you, since your ideals will be noble and just!


"Simplicity is the last step of wisdom." Khalil Gibran
Wise is the one who knows herself and by knowing herself knows where to start being better and knows where she wants to go, also knowing that she can only get there if she knows why she is in this world for... And if she came as a human being, would not that be her greatest achievement? To be a HUMAN Being with virtues, values ​​and wisdom?


As my clothes are not only clothes but symbols of connection of appearance with essence, I can not think of anything that is transitory. That's why I did not think of collections, I thought of cycles.